Top 5 College Storage Tips for Students

Need help storing your belongings for the summer? Students coming out of another semester and families preparing for moving season, either situation West Creek Self Storage is here to assist. Before your college student comes home, get ready with our West Creek NJ college storage options. From a small unit to large storage units, storing for summer is simple.

West Creek Self Storage has parking space for your vehicle and RV storage. Along with these storage solutions, find space for boxes, desks, mattresses and other dorm room items here. See how we recommend moving these items to the storage unit.

College Storage Tips

  1. Mini Fridge: unplug this appliance a few days before moving out. Take the food out and clean the inside. While leaving it unplugged, keep the door open and a towel directly below to catch dripping water.
  2. Moving Boxes: Put a label on each box and bag moving to storage. Use under-the-bed bins to stack and save space.
  3. Easy Pay: This automatic payment option makes paying for storage easy. Use your online account to pay the bill or use easy pay to automate the process.
  4. Reserve Now: saving your storage space early helps keep you stress free after a long finals week. We take reservations over the phone, email, or stop in.
  5. Short Term Storage: Here at West Creek Self Storage we do not require a long term agreement for our customers. Our storage prices are based on the competitive monthly market, which is another benefit to storing with us.

Get ready for summer with West Creek NJ college storage units. Moving from the dorm or moving houses, our storage options can help stay organized.

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