Top 3 Tips for Seasonal Storage

The winter weather is upon us, are you thinking some seasonal storage may help? If you noticed during the last storms the garage did not have enough room for the tools you needed, consider extra space at West Creek Self Storage. Our small storage units are best for storing those few items used once every couple of weeks during the summer or winter. We gathered tips to make storing easy.

West Creek NJ seasonal storage

Watch for repairs

While packing your unit, make sure everything entering will be used when it comes time to bring it back out. Donate items that are still working and discard irreparable tools. If you have clothes you have not worn in several years or tools that are broken, donate the usable items to an organization and get rid of broken material.

Plan your trips to the unit

When you stop by your storage unit make sure you know what time you can access the facility. This is important so you do not arrive before it opens or right after it closes.

Another thing to keep in mind when at the unit is to group similar items together. This will help you stay organized when swapping.

Keeping your gear straight

A quick way to keep it all straight is by adding labels or a list to the outside of your containers. Even if it is see through you may not remember everything that is inside. After the long winter you will be excited to get out and enjoy the sun, so plan for that moment with organization.

Lastly, our experts are here to help! West Creek Self Storage has professionals on-site with knowledge and tips for storing your most valued gear. Stop in the next time you are in the area and see how a small seasonal storage unit can assist you.