Tips For Selling Extra Belongings Online

How can self storage be an answer for spring cleaning? West Creek Self Storage has the space to help you store your boxes, move your office supplies, park your car, and even sell your gear online! This month our storage professionals are getting tips together to assist while you recycle or start selling online. Clean out the closet, straighten up your space, all with the help of our West Creek NJ storage.

West Creek Self Storage can be your home away from home while you stage your house, or move to your first apartment after college. This month rent storage to help you sell your extra belongings online and keep the house in order.

Selling Online West Creek NJ


Find a site that best works for you or post on multiple websites. Selling online is simple and easy, especially with apps! Take pictures as you go, to make the job a lot easier.

  1. Facebook Marketplace is helpful for homeowners and apartment renters. Find many of your household items at a lower price.
  2. Ebay has everything from cars to video game systems and lots of collector items.
  3. Etsy is ideal for your small business and craft. Sell handmade, one of a kind products on Etsy for the most views.

Steps To the Perfect Online Sale

  1. Keep your items in storage while you post them online. A self storage unit keeps everything safe until the time of sale.
  2. Take good photos of the piece and multiple, to show off your treasures.
  3. Be ready to negotiate. Start with a higher price and work your way down.
  4. Meet in a public place or ship it directly to your customer.

While you sort through your belongings and get rid of the items you no longer want, West Creek Self Storage has extra space to help. Whether you decide to swap your clothing every season or you want to decrease the items you have now, storage can help keep you organized.