How to Pack Your Storage Unit

Learning how to properly pack your storage unit ensures that you take advantage of all of your rental space. West Creek Self Storage provides affordable storage units in a variety of sizes to meet any customer’s needs. The location offers units as small as 5×5 feet, or if you’re looking to take on a larger load, West Creek Self Storage offers units as large as 10×30 feet. Read below to learn how to properly utilize your storage unit space before you rent it.

Large Storage Units in West Creek NJ

3 Tips to Pack Your Storage Unit Neatly

1. Make a Plan

When it comes to optimizing storage space, pre-planning the layout of your storage unit is crucial. Before transferring your items, visualize the arrangement, factoring in both the size and frequency of access to each item. Do you have bulky and heavy furniture items? Those go in first toward the back of your storage unit. Likewise, place any items you might want to grab on short notice toward the door of your storage unit. If you leave room in your storage unit to create a center aisle, you will be able to better access all sides of it. A well-thought-out layout not only maximizes space but also reduces the risk of damaging items while retrieving them.

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2. Avoid Clutter by Packing Away Loose Items

Fully utilize any plastic bins or boxes that you have available. Bundling your items will make them easier to move and organize. Pack heavier items into your boxes first, and then fill the remainder of your box with lighter items such as shoes or seasonal clothing items. Fit in miscellaneous objects carefully—do not force boxes to hold more than their capacity.

3. Label Everything

We want to stress the importance of labeling your items to provide additional organization to your storage unit. Keep a tally of everything that goes in. Storage bins and boxes can be labeled with an overview of the contents, and you can keep a running tally using a pen and paper of the total items you pack into your unit. Or perhaps instead of labeling the bins themselves, you would rather create a cheat sheet. Find a labeling system that will help you stay organized.

West Creek Self Storage in West Creek, NJ

West Creek Self Storage is your stop for affordable and secure storage units in the West Creek, NJ, area. Our storage amenities include drive-up storage units housed in a secure, gated facility—ideal for short-term and long-term storage needs alike. We offer month-by-month leases, so you never have to enter into long contracts and can stay flexible. Ready to get started? Let our online storage calculator help you figure out how much storage space you need. Then check out our contactless storage rentals to browse through our available storage units and then rent right away or reserve your storage for the future.

Prep for Storage with Reliable Supplies

West Creek Self Storage also sells packing and moving materials onsite in our office. Stop by to stock up on the essentials and speak with our storage professionals. They are your source for expert advice and local self storage knowledge. You can also follow our Facebook page for regular storage tips and tricks!

How easy is it to find storage in West Creek, NJ? Secure your storage with West Creek Self Storage in person, over the phone, or online. Rent or reserve your storage unit with us today!

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