Basement Storage Ideas

Do you need basement storage ideas to organize your disorganized space? West Creek Self Storage in West Creek, NJ offers self storage space to open up more room in your home. Whether your basement is finished or unfinished, follow these tips to make the most of your underground space!

Basement Storage Ideas and Tips

Moisture-Proof Storage Solutions

Don’t let your items get ruined by mold! If you’re storing items in your basement for the long-term, they should be packed in air-tight and moisture -proof storage bins. You can also get a dehumidifier for your space to help maintain dry conditions in your basement for long-term storage. Basements are subject to dampness and you’ll be thankful you took these preventative measures to keep your items safe if water gets into your storage space.

Utilizing Wall and Ceiling Space

If your basement doubles as a hangout space, you’ll want to allow room to host your family and friends. Install hooks on the walls or add shelving units to keep your walkways clear. You can invest in portable shelving or add permanent built-in shelves depending on the size of your budget. Once installed, you can easily organize items like toys, bikes, tools, and linens on the shelves to declutter and give the illusion of a bigger basement space. Ceilings are another underutilized space saver. If you have high ceilings in your basement, try hanging hooks to use your ceiling space for storage.

Adding Clothing Racks

With clothes for every season, your wardrobe can easily overtake your living space. Dedicate space in your basement for all your offseason attire and your lesser-worn formal clothing. Try hanging your bulky and formal pieces on clothing racks – it’s easy on the eyes, allows for vertical space maximization, and keeps your items wrinkle-free and well preserved until you need them again. Clothing racks are fairly affordable and they are a worthwhile purchase to use as an extension of your closet!

Sectioning Off Your Basement

From storage to entertainment, basements are multi-functional. By sectioning off your space, the basement can serve multiple purposes without feeling too confined or crowded. Store as many items as you can behind closed doors in your closets to keep a clean and open space for entertaining guests. If your basement doesn’t have any closets, you can get a little inventive and section off areas of your basement using things like:

West Creek Self Storage in West Creek, NJ

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