Storage packing tips 101

How can storing during spring help you around the house? Our storage packing tips show you the solutions for preparing for storage before you get to the unit. These are important things to keep in mind if you want to save space and stay on track financially. West Creek Self Storage is the facility to use if planning move, downsizing, or even while you are spring cleaning.

We put together a list of tips to remember before moving day that are sure to make this season a successful one!

West Creek NJ storage packing tips

  • The goal is to fill your boxes to the top, but stay away from overfilling them. If you have room but you are close to the max weight, add things like blankets or pillows.
  • Keep your movers in mind while packing. They need to be able to lift the boxes, so pack books in small boxes for better lifting.
  • Padding is important if you want to keep your breakables in one piece. Put a cushion on the top and bottom of the box after wrapping each piece, then they you can pack each piece until the box is full.
  • Hanging clothes will make it easier to transition from season to season. Folding them may cause creases that are tough to get rid of.
  • Before you move your belongings into your unit, put pallets down or a thick plastic cover. This will keep moisture from spreading into the bottom of your boxes.
  • Make a plan for what goes in the unit first. Remember what goes in first should be tools you will not need frequently.
  • Make isles in your unit so each box is accessible.
  • To avoid water leaking in your unit, unplug your fridge and freezer prior to moving day.

By moving a few items to storage your spring cleaning is easier which makes for a relaxing summer.