We Love Our West Creek New Jersey Community

West Creek, New Jersey is home to many great businesses and neighborhood friends. West Creek Self Storage is proud to be part of this kind hearted community. We love our West Creek New Jersey Community! Below are events, places to go, and restaurants to try when you are in the area. Check these hotspots out when you stop by to say hello to your storage professionals.

West Creek New Jersey                                  West Creek New Jersey

           Effects of Sandy                                                         Barnegat Lighthouse

West Creek is located approximately 5 miles from Long Beach Island, a premiere vacation spot along the New Jersey coast.  We all remember the effects of Hurricane Sandy on the Island and many residents are still trying to recover their homes. West Creek, NJ is still trying to build our town back to it’s original beauty from these detrimental hurricane affects. With a community like ours, we know the job will get done. Our main concerns as community members are preserving our shoreline and its historical significance to the area. With help from many local organizations our community is able to stay strong and rebuild our beautiful town.

If you come down for the summer sun, don’t miss Tuckerton Seaport. You will find history, entertainment and more. The buildings at Tuckerton Seaport you see today were originally brought to the planning board in 1989. This beautiful site, next to what used to be the Tuckerton Creek, now had plans for development of a museums, motel, and campground. Barnegat Bay Decoy and Baymen’s Museum opened their doors July 1973.  The museum announced their plan for development of Tuckerton Seaport. However, as planning and development were underway, the plan for the site grew larger than originally proposed.  In 2010, the New Jersey Surf Museum opened so locals and out of town visitors are able learn about the culture of surfing in New Jersey. They also have an extensive collection of surf boards, they display over 300 boards. It is the only surfing museum in the state.

Barnegat Lighthouse is a local landmark that is open to the public, Monday thru Friday, except during the winter months. Since 1859 the light has been shining with the help from the organization, Friends of Barnegat Lighthouse, a non-profit group focused on preserving state parks. When you visit this monumental structure, you will see a panoramic view of Island Beach, Barnegat Bay, and Long Beach Island. While traveling the New Jersey coast, make this a number one point of interest.

West Creek New Jersey                 West Creek New Jersey                       West Creek New Jersey

When you’re on your way down the coast, take a break at Tuckerton Seaport and enjoy the 50’s style Stewarts Root Beer while chilling out, learning some surf history. If an adventure awaits you, make a pit stop at Barnegat Lighthouse and feel like you’re on top of the world. Most importantly, stop in to see your West Creek Self Storage experts. We are happy to be in a vibrant, historical, and welcoming community as West Creek, New Jersey. We love our community and hope you do to!


West Creek New Jersey                 West Creek New Jersey                    West Creek New Jersey