Get Your Summer Gear Ready

Trying to figure out where all your summer gear is? Why not keep it in one location, West Creek Self Storage in West Creek, NJ. We have storage units that will fit all your supplies and keep them ready for the next adventure.

From patio furniture to sports gear your garage may need an extension. Instead of expanding your house, bring your gear to West Creek Self Storage. When you are ready to host the neighbors for the first cookout come grab everything you need.

Is the family reunion a long drive away? Get on the road faster with extended gate hours. Talk with the manager on site about extended gate hours for a small fee.

summer gear


Pool/ Beach Gear:

Inflatable rafts and beach balls liven up any pool party. Replace faded worn out inflatables that didn’t make it through last season.

Moisture is everywhere. Keep it to a minimum in your unit by leaving your gear out to dry.

Enjoy the beach under a nice umbrella. Look for any issues with the fabric to ensure optimal relaxation.


Kayaks / Canoes:

Protect your boat even when you are not there with a breathable cover.

Cramming everything into a 5×5 unit is not the best option for protecting your gear. Talk with a professional if you need some guidance.

Don’t forget about wet life vests. Lay them out to dry to ensure mold and mildew stay away.

After a season in the sun check the rigging for dry rot and replace any ropes that won’t last through this summer.


Enjoy the season with the help of your storage professionals at West Creek Self Storage.


storing summer gear