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Ways to Get Organized With Pinterest

The warmer weather is right around the corner and that means it’s time for spring cleaning. Are you ready? West Creek Self Storage knows during winter you can accumulate a lot of clutter and it is a challenge to get rid of it. We are prepared to tackle the mess. Find creative ideas for home renovation, decorations, and organization on Pinterest. Keep reading for easy links and ways to get organized with Pinterest today!


Ways to get organized with Pinterest



  • Pinterest has lots of information so, be specific when you search and save ideas. You want your ideas to be readily available, so save them in specific categories.
  • Stay organized on Pinterest! This is just as important as organizing your home.
  • Make a checklist  to keep moving through your house.
  • There are many different schedules, daily, monthly, and even yearly. Whichever one you choose, just make sure to follow the instructions.



  • An ICE book (In Case of Emergency) helps keep stress to a minimum during emergencies. You’ll be thankful when you have all your documents in order during a time of chaos.
  • Life get’s hectic with after school activities, meetings, and more, so keep your family command center in a place that everyone will stay up to date.
  • With so many different ways to budget it’s hard to know which one works for you. Use Pinterest to narrow down what stops the financial stress

Let’s tackle spring cleaning like a pro this year. With the help of storage professionals at West Creek Self Storage you have advice, supplies, and creative ideas to make the most of your space. Stop in today to talk about all the possibilities.