How to Begin Organizing Your House

When it comes time to think about organizing your house, it can look like a very overwhelming task. From the living room to the garage, each room has its own way it needs to be organized and its own items. However, if you are able to overcome this task, experts say that getting rid of excess clutter would eliminate 40% of the housework in an average home ( Since it’s the New Year, why not start on getting organized today? West Creek Self Storage is here to help you get started with tips on how to organize your house room by room. Follow these tips and you’ll be organizing rooms in no time!


Living Room

Since everyone is coming and going out of the living room, it can be a very challenging room to begin organizing. One way to get started is to find a waste basket that goes with the theme of the room. This not only is a new piece of furniture, but it can help to avoid clutter that tends to gather since the room is used so often. Another piece of furniture that helps a lot when organizing the living room is a file cabinet. Various papers and magazines often accumulate on flat surfaces like tabletops in the living room, and a small two drawer file cabinet makes a great spot to store them. Behind the sofa is also a great place to add new storage to the room. A small trunk, cabinet, or bookcase can be used here to store items like pillows and blankets, all while keeping them out of the way. Also, since most living rooms have a coffee table or table of some sort. Make use of the space under the table by adding rolling storage bins or storage cubes. These items are a good way to add more storage to furniture that is already in the room. Follow these tips, and your living room will be organized in no time!


The bedroom is a highly used room, which can make it tough to organize. One way to get started is to make use of storage under the bed. Adding some rolling containers or storage bins under the bed creates storage where there was none, and keeps items out of the way too. Storage like this that doesn’t take up any extra space is the most effective way to add storage to a room. Closets can be difficult since they are usually small but with a large variety of items in them. Start by adding a shoe rack with multiple tiers or a small shelving unit to help keep shoes and other items organized and off of the floor. The new floor space will help to open up the room and keep areas clean. Vertical storage is another way to add storage that is an effective use of space. A tall bookshelf or cabinet adds a lot of storage while not taking up much floor space. Following these tips will make organizing your bedroom much easier!



The kitchen is tough to think about organizing. There is such a variety of different items that you may need access to, so where will you store them? Well one way to get started is by creating your own pot and pan rack. This can easily be done with a handrail and multiple “S” hooks from a hardware store. The pot and pan rack will allow easy access to your cookware while keeping it organized and out of the way, and it looks great too. Another way to organize items is to transfer spices to glass jars and make your own labels. This also lets you make labels that fit the room’s decorations. This will help keep spices organized and make a nice way to display them. Since cleaning items are often in the kitchen, store them under the sink. You can create separate spots to store them, such as using hooks attached to the inside of the cabinet door for items like gloves and rags that may need to dry. Use a basket under the sink to store other cleaning items like sprays and spare paper towels. This will allow them to be accessed quickly when needed, but keep them out of sight.


Everyone dislikes thinking about organizing the bathroom. However, it doesn’t have to be such a difficult task. A few tips and tricks can make your bathroom clean and organized rather quickly. To begin, keep a plastic tub under the sink for items such as hair products. This will help organize combs, gels, and sprays all in one place and keep them off of the counter top. These hair products can lead to a messy counter top, so keeping them out of the way will also make the bathroom much easier to clean. Another way to add storage to the bathroom is over the toilet furniture. Something like a small cabinet or trunk attached to the wall doesn’t take up any extra space but still adds a good amount of storage for items like toilet paper and spare towels. Since showers can get dirty with soap stains, adding a shower caddy or basket is a great way to not only keep shower items organized but also help to keep the shower or bath surface clean. If you follow these tips, the bathroom will no longer be the room everyone hates to organize and clean!

organizing garage playroom


Organizing a garage can be difficult just because of the types of items that are stored in it. Large items like shovels, rakes, and other large tools can be bulky and awkward to store effectively. One way to store these items is to create wall storage by mounting racks or hooks to the wall. This will create new space to store these large tools and keep them out of the way! You can also do the same thing with the ceiling by adding platforms or hooks to store items like bikes or ladders that may not be used as often. Combining these two tips will help to free up a lot of ground space in the garage and keep it clean and organized. Finally, if you have a work bench, some small cabinets next to or above it can go a long way for storage. These cabinets can store smaller tools or loose odds and ends from projects and keep the work bench clean for future use.


Playrooms are often filled with toys which makes them difficult to keep clean and organized. Something such as transparent bins to store toys in can be a great help with organizing the room. Not only are they clear to see which toys go where, but they can be stacked for storage and efficient use of the space. Kids will be able to find where toys are since the bins are clear and know where they belong after using them. Using items from other areas of the house is a good way to add storage too, such as a laundry bin or a hanging shoe organizer for stuffed animals. This prevents you from buying new furniture and is a great way to recycle your older items for use in another room. Having storage that doubles as a seating area is one of the best ways to add storage to a playroom. Something like a window bench, which can either be bought or built yourself, is a great use of space and can be used to store extra blankets or other toys. You can even decorate it to match the room. With these tips, a playroom will be a breeze to organize!

These tips for room by room organizing will make your house organized in no time! Check out our other blog posts for more tips about organizing and storing your items.